5-Mile Drive-In theater | As summer is well on it’s way, you may find yourself wanting to watch a movie yet not wanting to go into a cold theater and sit inside. Well the answer to that problem is to go to a drive-in movie theater. Did you know that Jurassic World is now playing there? What you also might not know is that Jurassic World is closer than you might think. Jurassic World was shot in an abandoned Six Flags park in New Orleans. The abandoned parking lot was turned into the main street and they shot there for two and a half weeks.

If you are questioning how fast you can write a Box Office hit, consider this, the script for Jurassic World was written in three weeks. I think we all wouldn’t mind being able to create something so successful that fast.

If the Jurassic World Control room seemed vaguely familiar, it is actually designed loosely on the NASA control room. The set designer was quite disappointed in Universal Studios control room, since it was just some desks and monitors, and wanted something a tad more exciting.

Lastly, Claire from the movie has to run in heels for the entire film. In order for her to do that she had to learn to run in heels and do ankle exercises in order to run in them. What a hard skill to learn!

Hope to see you all the drive-in!

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